Old Mutual Sports Hall,Rick Turner Rd, Berea, 4041


Bouldering is a thrilling and rapidly expanding form of climbing that fosters a social atmosphere and serves as an excellent means for climbers to refine their abilities and develop physical strength.

Bouldering Etiquette

  • Take off your harness before bouldering
  • Brush the holds after you’ve climbed
  • If problems overlap, let the person already on the wall finish
  • Do not “spray” beta


Safety Requirements for Bouldering

  • Have a ‘spotter’ for difficult moves
  • Do not boulder on the high walls
  • The bouldering area is for adults and children over 8 – ALL children under 13 must be supervised and spotted by a parent, guardian or coach
  • Children may not play on the foam pads in the bouldering area